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Inside of Ethnic Creations

Inside of Ethnic Creations
  Ethnic Creations has been in business since 1989. The shop is a small building that used to be a guesthouse, summer kitchen, many years ago on our property here in Embarrass, Minnesota that at one time use to be a Finnish community.

I have been making things since I was a small girl, started knitting and sewing my doll clothes and moved on to making my own clothes, and clothes for others.

Later going to various fairs around the area selling items I have created and educating and demonstrating our traditions at various functions.

Ethnic Creations starts from the very basic, from spinning yarn from a spinning wheel to knit and crochet with. Finnish felt Tossus made with raw wool. Weaving with Birch Bark. Making soap, and rag rugs on a loom. We also do custom machine embroidery. Quilting, tatting, birch jewelry, deer antlers & jack pine, etc.

Custom orders take longer because I don't have them on hand.

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